Alternative EFI  for the Carburated and TBI Engines
This is my Corvette engine compartment with a 
Carburator and all it's Vacuum Hoses and EGR .
The follwing Items have been removed and discarted

#1 - Intake Manifold and carburator
#2 - Exhaust Manifolds
#3 - Stock Exhaust Manifolds

The following Items have been Repaced

#1 - Edelbrook Streetmaster Manifold
#2 - Powerjectin 111 EFI
#3 - Ceramic coated Headers
#4 - Moroso Wires
#5 - Earls Fittings to move Regulator
#6 - Bowtie Overdrive TV Cable Kit
#7 - Adjustable Water inlet

This will work Great for the Early Carburated and  TBI engines
for Trucks and Camaro and Firebird TA
I have check this out and it will work on the GM 4.3 engine.
The Edelbrock Street Master manifold is the lowest that I could find for
hood clearance. It is still 3/8" taller than the GM manifold, the Aluminum
Manifold is a lot lighter than the stock manifold.
This manifold was purchased on E-Bay used , but there were others for sale.
More Pictures coming