Chris Ashby -Hawaii 
GM 454-TBI

Info Comming


Leavingthe gate today at Hickam AFB, I noticed this black European car ratheranxiously trying to get beside me (we all know what than the courteous driver that I am I obliged. There is a large flatspeed bump as you exit the gate then it’s a straight shot to thefreeway. Anticipating what was about to happen I got over the speedbump first, must have been going 5~10 mph give or take. To my driver’sside I noticed a fender with an emblem with “M-3” on the side and itwas making his move.(I saw the cars weight transfer) With my cat likereflexes I stomped my foot on the pedal of the ole 92 SS and thewhining noises of the Wynjammer S uperchargerharmonized with the exhaust and the rpm of my motor…It sounded as ifsome of the F-15 on the base just took off….but is was me and my 92 andthe guards at the gate barring witness to a thorough shellacking ofthis 98~01 is BMW M-3. The second I got on the gas the BMW fell in tosecond place, as the truck shifted into 2 nd (tires barking)Mr. Euro fag was about two cars behind  and losing ground fast. I’ surehe was little embarrassed too so a let off the gas. He stayed behind meuntil we made it to the main portion of the freeway and then he dartedover a few lanes and he looked over at me with that “you just stole mylunch look” so I fired a couple of shots at him with my figure pistol(index figure and thumb trigger) and laughed at him. (Goofy Tom Cruiselooking nerd)