Dan Bogal - Joliet IL
  91 Caprice Wagon
AL......................The specifics of the build are as follows . Long block is a 350 cu. in. chevy 0.30 over {approx 355 cu. in.}with a stock bottom end. It has a roller cam and chain,stock Vortex heads,Edelbrock performer intake,680 cfm Holley TBI,MSD billet distributor with MSD coil and wires. It runs through stock exhaust manifolds to 3" pipe and Flow Master mufflers and of course your Wynnjammer blower kit. The transmisson is a rebuilt THM700R4/4 4-spd auto with no modifications at this time future mods may include upping the converter stall speed along with a modified valve body. The only real modification on the install was to massage the left side inner wheel house to allow for clerance of the blower intake tube and air filter also the anti lock control box had to be moved approx it's width toward the engine to  allow for the intake.Nothing a ball peen hammer and body dolly and hammer couldn't handle. All and all the install went well with little or no drama. The engine pulls like a team of mules shifts good and idles like it were stock.  Thanks again for all your help and advice. As I said before I consider the blower kit to be a mechanical work of art.
Al..................Hi! just thought you might be interested in an up date on the 91 Caprice wagon.
Since we last spoke we have added a T C I 2500 stall converter to the700R trans along with
a competion band,clutch and clutch plate kit also from T C I you where right the motor really
 liked that and it was well worth both the time and money involved. Out back I picked up a
3:73 posi gear out of a 96 Imala SS which fits the wagon rear end housing to a "T".
Along with that we added a police package rear sway bar with the trail ing arm assemblies.
(the wagon never had a rear sway bar). We also put  a rebuilt steering box on that took the
lock to lock turns from 3.5 to 2.5 all this took the overall handling up a couple of notches.
It's thight on center and corners way ,way flatter on a exit ramp for example at any most 
given speed. I am thinking about that pulley change in the blower drive assembly you and
Ryan from C&R talked about this afternoon not sure I want to spend another 2 hundred plus
 right now. Hope this finds you well and that things are going along O K by you.............
Danny Bogal  
Updated 10/11/11
Al........................Just a short note to say Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Danny Bogal and the guys at C&R auto joliet Il..